Next-gen protection for logging and forestry

Protect your timber hauling operation from the risks and costs of overloading, and improve your efficiency, with the toughest, most accurate and best-protected on-board scales. Vulcan on-board weighing systems are precise and reliable in the harshest forestry conditions and are unaffected by motion or uneven ground. You can confidently haul the maximum load with every run – reducing the threat of fines, accidents and truck damage, while boosting your profitability.

Eliminate fines

Accurately weigh every load before you start hauling

Maximize your efficiency

Load every run as close as possible to the legal limit, and avoid having to readjust your load later

Improve safety and avoid liability

Reduce the risk of accidents, with shorter braking distances and improved cornering, and minimize your exposure to liability and post-accident vehicle seizure

Reduce truck wear & tear

Minimize maintenance costs on brakes, tires, suspension and other parts, and increase tractor and trailer life

Vulcan On-Board Scales weighing systems for logging vehicles comprise our heavy duty, high-accuracy load cells and VSL Vulcoder electronic system installed on the trailer, along with an advanced meter installed in the tractor. A simple drop and swap process for disconnecting and connecting the Vulcoder and meter enables easy trailer exchange.

Harsh timber hauling environments are no match for EDOC!

Logging vehicles are constantly exposed to rain, snow, mud, dust, wood resin and road salt, any of which can damage the load cell that is the heart of the on-board scales.

Our revolutionary EDOC coating provides superior, corrosion-proof protection for the load cell, enabling your on-board scales to keep working, trouble-free, for longer, in the harshest logging conditions.

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