Vulcan Super-Beam™ Load Cells with EDOC

The highest-quality load cells for on-board scales, better protected than ever!

Vulcan Super-Beam™ load cells, developed and manufactured in-house by VPG, are long-proven for high reliability in a wide variety of on-board weighing systems used in multiple industries. In refuse vehicles, they are typically installed between the truck frames and truck-mounted bodies. In log trucks they are mounted beneath the log bolsters or under the fifth wheel plate and between the suspension and the trailer frame.

EDOC corrosion-proof coating

EDOC (Electrodeposited Organic Coating), developed by VPG, is applied as part of the Super-Beam load cell manufacturing process. It outstrips common coatings, such as zinc-nickel, and is more environmentally friendly than cad-chromate coating.

Made for reliable, high-accuracy weighing
in the harshest conditions

Patented, torque canceling, double shear beam

Full twist compensation provides the highest accuracy

Made from high strength, heat treated alloy steel

Completely sealed, protecting internal electronics – IP66/68

Zn-Ni Alloy base plated (under EDOC) for increased rust protection – adheres to ASM 2417


Vulcan L08S Super-Beam

Typically used for logging truck scales

Vulcan L66 Super-Beam

Typically used for refuse truck scales

Nothing protects load cells like EDOC!

EDOC (Electrodeposited Organic Coating), developed by VPG, has been used for over 15 years in varied harsh-environment applications – with zero defects. In multiple tests by accredited laboratories EDOC has demonstrated exceptionally high, long-lasting resistance to corrosion.

“No evidence of corrosion”

Independent lab results after 1000 hours in salt fog

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