V300 SERIES METERS – V320 / V320 S (2-CHANNEL) V340 / V340 S (4-CHANNEL)


The Vulcan V300 Series Electronics including the V320 and V320 S (2-channel), and V340 and V340 S (4-channel) combine the most advanced electronics with a user-friendly operation. The system works with existing Vulcan load cells and sensors. The V300 Series is ideal for applications requiring up to four channels, and for operators who wish to mix tractors and trailers. The V320 S and V340 S have a serial interface option which allows communication of data to on-board computers, GPS systems, and other devices.

  • Compact size allows the meter to be mounted almost anywhere
  • Uses Vulcan Single Line (VSL) technology
  • Unlimited mixing of trucks and trailers without any adjustment, just plug in and go
  • Automatically identifies and adjusts for different truck/trailer configurations
  • Select the two channel V320 and V320 S or the four channel V340 and V340 S meter depending on your application
  • Adjustable cycle time (between channels)
  • Brilliant display - large, red LEDs with 4 brightness setting for easy viewing inside/outside the cab
  • Simple operation and calibration
  • Lockout feature allows full operation of scales while safeguarding against accidental changing of calibration settings
  • Reduced wiring - a single 2 wire cable provides power and communication for all channels
  • Complete system troubleshooting including individual load cell diagnostics

V300 Series Meters:

  • Display: LED, variable brightness
    0.6â high characters
  • Cycle Speed: Variable, 1-9 seconds
  • Size: 8.0âW x 1.25âD x 3.5âH (including mounting bracket)
  • Resolution: 10, 20, 50, 100, or 200 lb or kg increments
  • Voltage required: 10 to 15.0 Vdc
  • Current Draw: less than 1 amp
  • Protection: Inline, 2 amp fast acting fuses and reverse voltage protection
  • Weight: less than 12 oz (including mounting bracket)

VSL Vulcoder:

  • Size: 5.0âW x 2.5âD x 1.5âH (one and two lead Vulcoders)
  • 2-Wire Communication Cable:
    • Vulcan designed special cable, urethane jacketed, remains flexible in cold water
  • 4-Wire Sensor Cable:
    • Vulcan designed special shielded cable, polyurethane jacketed, 4 conductor
  • Electronics: Environmentally sealed

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