Q. Why did you invest in on-board scales?
A. I was looking for a way to save money, time, fuel, and a way to maximize my profits.

Q. Why did you choose Vulcan?
A. I was eating breakfast one day with some other construction owners and we were talking about roll-offs and how it would be cool if you could get a scale to figure out what landfill to take it to…so, I went on the internet and just typed in A?on-board scalesA? and Vulcan popped up… I did some research… I called Vulcan. Luckily I just found a good reputable company.

Q. What main benefits have you received since using onboard scales?
A. I cut fuel. I cut landfill costs. I cut time in between servicing my customers.

Greenville, SCNumber of Vehicles Scaled: 6 Roll-off Trucks, 1 Dump Truck