Q. Why did you invest in on-board scales?
A. We wanted to maximize our payload. We average an extra 2 1/2 tons per load by using scales and not having to guess our weight. By hauling maximum loads you can run less trucks because you are hauling more wood with the same amount of fuel. Running fewer trucks reduces your fuel expenses. Also, you donA?t have that extra truck, driver, or insurance to pay for. There is a thin line between a guy making it or not making it in this industry, and scales can make the difference.

Q. Why did you choose Vulcan?
A. Because my dealer was familiar with scales. He had been selling them and recommended Vulcan. I think we have about 15-18 sets of scales now. We installed our first 4 sets back in 1998. Our dealer has done a good job supporting us.

Q. What advice would you give someone looking to invest in on-board scales?
A. You canA?t afford not to have them. It costs you not to have them.

Hamburg, AR

Has been a member of the Arkansas Timber Producers Association
for 14 years: President for 2 years and an officer for 7 years.