Q. Why did you invest in on-board scales for your dump truck?
A. All of our loads that we deliver to our customers are not full loads. Many are half loads, and some with three-quarter loads here and there. We dump part of it on one lot and part of it on another. We wanted to be accurate on what we were giving our customers.

Q. Why did you choose Vulcan?
A. We saw the advertisements in the magazine and the flyers that were sent out. We felt like it was a quality company to deal with.

Q. What main benefits have you received since using on-board scales?
A. Not having to worry about if we are shorting our customers or shorting ourselves. We know exactly what we drop on each lot… knowing that we are doing the correct thing.

Q. Are you happy with the level of support you received from the Vulcan team?
A. Oh yeah. Very happy with them helping us get it all set up with the body company.
Very helpful.

Dallas, GA