Q. Why did you invest in on-board scales?
A. Time and money. Most of our loads are time sensitive and paid by the ton. We can load the maximum weight and utilize our driverA?s time better. This allows our drivers to have more drive or sleep time; not spending hours trying to get the shipment loaded properly.

Q. What benefits have you received since using on-board scales?
A. Our biggest benefit is the scales save us time and time is money. One of the unexpected benefits is maintenance. We have noticed less wear on the tires, shocks, and bushings due to proper loading.

Q. Why did you choose Vulcan?
A. We chose Vulcan because of their commitment to customer and product support. Plus the scale is very easy to install. We can install it in a matter of minutes.

Q. Are you happy with the level of support you received from the Vulcan team?
A. I recommend Vulcan to anyone looking into on-board scales because they are very customer friendly, by far the easiest to install, and have the best product support. Once the scales are in place, you will not have to touch them again.

Channahon, IL
Number of Trucks Scaled: 29