Q. Why did you invest in on-board scales?
A. Safety is a main priority. Knowing the load is legal takes a lot of questions off our minds when you’re trying to make money and complete the job. Scales are a winning combination for everyone involved. Large, legal payloads. Having the correct load weight for the customer and less stress on the driver and truck.

Q. Why did you choose Vulcan?
A. After the first phone call the attention to details and the simple operation of the scales really sold me on trying a set.

Q. What main benefits have you received since using on-board scales?
A. Having happy loader operators. The quarry loaders can see the readout on the dash. They load exactly what we need every time. Also after the DOT stopped us, they know and we know all is good. ItA?s a friendly wave between drivers instead of looking in the mirror for lights.

Q. Are you happy with the level of support you received from the Vulcan team?
A. No matter how many times you call and ask questions, you talk to a real person with knowledge and patience that is genuinely happy to help answer your questions.

Solon, IA